Tuesday, February 26, 2008


We just got back from our first vacation together as a family.

Jack busy at the Beach in Florida:

Jack really enjoyed Florida. He loved, loved, loved the beach and the pool. He as no fear of the water. :) He probably would have even stayed in all day, every day if we would have been willing. Jack and his cousins, Michael and Joey, had fun playing together every day. Jack was also happy to spend some time with Papa and Dada. Jack loves men. It's funny - it's like he really gets a kick out of Erik's friends or his uncles.

No fear....

Jack did really well on the plane and started to watch DVDs (or should we say A dvd) just in time. We swore we'd never let our kids watch Barney - but here we are .... watching it as I write! :) (It's the ONLY video he'll sort of watch as he runs around.) Erik had little patience for Jack pushing buttons on the DVD player and the 'engineer' in him came out. (see below :) )

Michael must be thinking, "Dude ~ what's wrong with your DVD player?" :)

It was a nice week and especially nice to get away from both houses! (Yep, STILL both. :( ) ...but at least we don't have any more work to do with the old one. Thank you to everyone btw who helped us move things around! Especially Todd and Kenny - we really appreciated your help!!

Anyway, it was great to get away and get some sunshine! 
Here are a couple other pics:

Cousins messing around at the airport:

Jack and Cousin Joey

Back in the cold!! (Jack was shocked at the cold after a week in Florida! Part of the reason may be the fact that he came home in shorts. Poor guy threw up for the first time all over his jeans once we got to the airport in Sarasota to come home. He must've thought no jeans = no cold! Have to stay in Florida if all I have is shorts to wear.) Hmmm...I wish it worked that way! 
Our baby is really starting to look like a little boy! 

A Year Ago...