Sunday, August 19, 2007

Things Are About to Change Around Here!

Still Happy!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Make that FIVE!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Guess Who Can Take THREE Steps!

Continued Progress

Last week Erik and I went on a little vacation. His work pays for a trip out east and wives are encouraged to come. Since his work has been so great about giving him time off to go to Russia and time off afterwards, we thought it important that I go. I was very hesitant in doing so because of the bonding process, but Erik did just start this job the second week of May and so we need to make a good impression there too. He left for Russia after only two weeks of being there - and they gave him paid time off. We are lucky they have been so family-oriented.

Jack stayed with Nana Joyce and Papa Mike two nights and then with his Oma Ingrid two nights. Split equally! :) I was really nervous about leaving him and was afraid he would forget us, but as it turned out when we picked him up on Friday we were greeted with a big smile! Even though we really missed him, it turned out to be good for everyone as Jack bonded with his grandparents and Erik and I could have some time together.

Also we are finally seeing this week that Jack has, in fact, bonded to us. We went to the grocery store and as we walked in a cashier said, "Oh how handsome! Can he have a sucker? Is he too young?" I replied that he was too young and gets all sticky. As we were checking out this nice lady came back and tried to talk to him and Jack turned to reach for me to protect him. :) (She got really close; :) ) I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is. He sees me as someone he can trust and as someone who will protect him. He no longer is going to just any adult.

This week we were also at a playgroup. This is the second time we've been with this group of kids/adults. The first time he went around to many adults and begged for food or would let them play with him. This time, this week, he only wanted ME! :) He only came to me for food or to be picked up. He does the same with Erik and it's so nice to see and it helps us really feel like his mom and dad. We are now this baby's preferred "go to" people! How cool is that??! :)

It's been amazing since watching him learn all kinds of things. He knows how to kiss and hug. He can do "jazz hands" which is really funny. He did it in the car to "Copacabana". He can stand for about 10 seconds and took his first step yesterday. He's just amazing to watch!

Because of all of this, even though we haven't sold the house just yet, we've decided that I'm going to wait to go back to work until October 1st. Financially this was a tough decision to make, but I'm just not ready to let someone else care for him a majority of his day. I'm not sure I'll be ready in October either, but at least we'll have an extra month of MOM time under our belts!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Playing With Noah's Ark